Social Kaboom

Social Kaboom is a full service online marketing company whose singular mission is to help our clients grow their business through development of social media marketing and web-based programs. What that really means is no one (and I do mean no one) sleeps around here till we figure out the best ways to use the web to impact your business.

Services Provided: Website Design, Advertising and Collateral Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Public Relations

Konia Water Of Florida

Konia has been manufacturing “Water From Air” (atmospheric water generators), filtered water coolers, water dispensers and PI Mineral Water filters for the past 15 years. Every Konia product is carefully engineered and styled to provide pristine, pure drinking water. All units are manufactured to the highest standards and only released to the market after extensive testing and certification.

Services Provided: Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Collateral Design, Public Relations


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